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How to initiate stem cell research

  1. Plan your research.
    • How will the research be funded (NIH, CIRM, or other sources)?
    • Who will participate in the research?
    • What prior experience do proposed participants have with cell culture? Will training be required?
    • What hESC cell lines are proposed for use?
    • What equipment and supplies will be required?
  2. Contact the TSRF Facility Coordinator for access
  3. Complete and submit a Human Stem Cell Research Application to the SCRO Committee if prior approval has not been obtained.
  4. Complete and submit a Biological Use Authorization form, if needed.
  5. Take the appropriate online training. You can enroll at the UC Learning Center.
    1. UC Davis.
      • Biological Safety and Medical Waste Management
      • Safe Use of Biological Safety Cabinets
      • Safe Use of Cryogenic Liquids if the research plan calls for cryopreserving
    2. TSRF specific.
      • Training requirements depend on previous experience and research requirements. Training requirements will be determined when meeting with the TSRF Program Coordinator.
  6. Obtain any necessary Material Transfer Agreements.